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DotAlign is a Manhattan-based startup that provides software which delivers productivity and relationship insights. Our software automatically extracts intelligence from structured and unstructured data sources like email, calendar, contacts, LinkedIn, and CRM and answers questions such as which colleague can best provide a given introduction, which important contacts and companies you’re falling out of touch with, who hasn’t replied to your email request, and more.


At the heart of DotAlign is a unique platform to provide Collaborative Relationship Intelligence inside secure corporate environments.
The platform performs a deep analysis of content and provides advanced entity management capabilities. It surfaces relationship intelligence about people and companies and provides collaboration behind the firewall, by allowing each user to define their own sharing circles and further define what they share with each of those sharing circles.
Network Graph
The platform maintains a network graph of all person and company relationships, so at any point the question of who knows who can be answered quickly and easily.
Strength of Relationships
For any person or company, a strength of relationship score is computed based on many different data points. This score is dynamic and representative of how much influence a person has with another person or company
Entity Management
DotAlign automatically resolves people and company data from across multiple sources. This inherent capability also means new data sources can be plugged in easily.
NLP and Text Analysis
Smart, NLP-based analysis of email and other content, bringing insights to prospecting and inbox workflows. This includes detecting when an email needs your attention, signature block parsing to keep your contacts up to date and more.


Built on top of the DotAlign platform are apps that bring the power of relationship intelligence into common user workflows, whether it is super charging your inbox, making your prospecting workflows efficient and rewarding, or providing you critical information on the go.
DotAlign for Mobile
DotAlign functionality on the go, on your iOS or Android devices.
Microsoft Outlook Logo
DotAlign for Outlook
If you are a Microsoft Outlook user (versions 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016), DotAlign for Outlook will make you much more productive right inside Outlook and bring relationship intelligence to your fingertips. Click here to watch a video of DotAlign for Outlook in action.
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DotAlign for Excel
Bring relationship intelligence and productivity to your prospecting workflow. If you have a list of people or companies that you would like relationship intel on, DotAlign for Excel will help do just that.
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DotAlign for Gmail
Just like DotAlign for Outlook but plugs right into Gmail to provide productivity and relationship intelligence right in your Gmail Inbox.


DotAlign Server takes an enterprise's ability to tap its human capital to a whole new level. In brief, it is the server side deployment of the DotAlign Platform inside the enterprise firewall. There are many modules that comprise DotAlign Server, and each plugs-in to enable a set of scenarios.
In-House Data Aggregation
Using this module, an enterprise will be able to automatically gather firm-wide relationship data that is generated by users of DotAlign applications (subject to the privacy settings of individual users) to create reports, generate statistics and administer it for quality.
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Exchange/Office 365 Integration
This module provides the ability to analyze email by directly interfacing with Exchange Server and/or Office 365. Using this approach, data can be analyzed centrally and made available for consumption by users and administrators.
Third Party Data Integration
A critical part of DotAlign Server is the ability to bring in 3rd party data sources. Sources like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics are on our roadmap, and the framework also allows integration with other data sources that may already be in use inside the enterprise.
Network Alliances Logo
Network Alliances
This module puts the enterprise at the center of a network of relationships and allows its advisors, portfolio companies and other partner enterprises to collaborate with each other. As a part of this solution, the enterprise defines the rules and participants involved in the collaboration, while each participant retains the ability to share what makes sense from their perspective. This essentially extends the paradigm of “human sensibilities” across company boundaries.
DotAlign Server also provides a REST API over the people and company data it collects. This can be used by enterprises to bring relationship intelligence into other enterprise apps.


The Real World is Complicated

Relationship data is being generated everywhere, whenever people interact with each other. It is a treasure trove of actionable information, but is also sensitive and subject to many business rules and human sensibilities. That, among a few other fundamental reasons, is why we think that existing solutions fail to unlock the inherent value in email, CRM, LinkedIn, and other types of relationship data.
Impediments to tapping the power of relationship data, a.k.a where many existing solutions fail, include:
  • Data is in silos
  • Lack of integration into workflows
  • Lack of intelligent text analysis
  • Not addressing human sensibilities
  • Oversimplifying the real world of People, Companies and Relationships
  • Privacy concerns

DotAlign Addresses the Complexities

DotAlign is different and has been built from the ground up to address these finer points of human interaction. Also, we bring into our solution a data model that is sufficiently sophisticated to model the messy and complex world of People, Companies and Relationships. Finally, our approach is architecturally secure and designed to work without having to move data from where it already lives to some other scarier place. This alleviates many privacy concerns of individual users and compliance officers out of the box, and makes it easy to adopt DotAlign.
Hear more about how we do this in this talk given by Vince Scafaria, DotAlign's CEO, at NYC Tech Summit.


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